Hyper Innovation Upcoming Events and Summer 2021 Update

Times like these are dramatic in many ways but most of all provide real catalysts for innovation. For Hyper Innovation this year, that meant doubling-down on digital health innovation, expanding virtual programs, and launching new products faster than ever. Hyper Innovation is busy doing things like:

  1. Building playbooks for piloting innovations and startup-corporate engagement in healthcare to provide a systematic pipeline of innovation
  2. Standing up and executing on external tech innovation labs for corporate clients to provide organizational agility and mechanism for focusing and prioritizing, incubating, and scaling growth opportunities
  3. Providing strategic consulting and workshops to drive more effective innovation
  4. Running the Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab as a portal for university-industry collaboration that engages a talent pipeline while surfacing opportunities and de-risking exploration of use cases for emerging tech
  5. Managing the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Simulator, a platform that provides data, technology, and technical and healthcare industry resources for de-risking testing of new health tech solutions and vetting strategic partnerships.

If you are interested in case studies or learning about ways Hyper Innovation can bring value to your organization, contact sandra@hyperinnovation.com

or learn more about Hyper Innovation’s approach.

Beyond consulting, here are some updates from this year and things to look forward to:

Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab

Innovation. Technology. Talent.

The Tech Exploration Lab is a bridge for university-industry collaboration, the Lab offers companies new and more efficient ways to engage a talent pipeline while surfacing opportunities and de-risking exploration of use cases for emerging tech.

Companies can join the Lab’s learning network, sponsor projects and reverse pitches, and gain visibility at online and in-person events. Some Lab highlights this year include:

Accelerating Tech Exploration and Innovation

Companies have the opportunity to sponsor projects or bring early-stage ideas in for frameworks that bridge the gap between idea and commercialization. Some examples this year include:

A screenshot of the Holos student team project showing the hand controls for their 3D virtual reality file management program.
  • Holos, a growing virtual reality startup, continues to grow a sustained, engaged tech talent pipeline by sponsoring projects in the Lab that engage students while solving problems for the company. Holos provides their platform and mentorship to student teams to explore new use cases for their tech to define the workplace of the future and other use cases with virtual reality.
  • A UW-Madison student-founded early stage startup with a machine learning and AI solution is gaining access to industry connections, customer validation, and frameworks for bridging the gap between idea and commercialization in the Lab.
A screenshot of the Petra team’s project and their technology that focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence for early identification of diabetic foot ulcers.

Industry Guest Speakers

Providing industry insights to innovators is key to driving innovation in the right way. Hyper Innovation continues to bring in industry guest speakers such as Thomas Yen, UX Lead with BD-Integrated Diagnostic Solutions, and Jonah Turner, Head of Emerging Tech with Molson-Coors, who gain visibility for their innovativeness in the organizations by sharing best practices and perspectives on accelerating innovation through external partnerships, creating a culture of innovation, and corporate innovation challenges.

With a focus on the complexity of healthcare innovation and the need to leverage data and technologies more effectively, Michael Grall, CEO, Talus Solutions, and Jennifer Mueller, VP of Data and Privacy, Wisconsin Hospital Association have provided insights on ways technology innovators can address healthcare challenges and gained feedback on their challenges.

Learn more about the Tech Exploration Lab.

Hyper Innovation Digital Health Simulator

The Hyper Innovation Digital Health Simulator is a platform that provides data, technology, and technical and healthcare industry resources for de-risking testing of new health tech solutions and vetting strategic partnerships.

The Simulator provides access to healthcare data and clinician insights for startups and new products and includes an AI sandbox for exploring predictive and prescriptive analytics to help clinicians improve patient outcomes and lower cost of care.

The Simulator is a monthly subscription service currently serving:

  1. AI companies using the Simulator for customer validation, workflow integration testing, and datasets to train algorithms
  2. Established companies using the AI sandbox to gain new insights on their data and to develop new models for prescriptive analytics
  3. Students and campus innovators who have brought their own ideas to explore including reducing injury risk and optimizing performance in sports and remote patient monitoring

Learn more about the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Simulator

Upcoming Dates and Opportunities:

May 17 – June 24: Health Tech Innovation Challenge

A four-week Challenge focused on campus innovators and students generating new solutions to stuck problem areas in healthcare. There is still time to offer a prize or define a category of focus for the Challenge.

Save the date for the June 24 Digital Health Challenge Showcase and Awards Ceremony and contact lacie@hyperinnovation.com to learn more.

August 9, 2021: Project Proposal Deadline

Deadline to request industry-sponsored projects, challenges, or hackathons.

Contact sandra@hyperinnovation.com to schedule an introductory discussion to define value for your organization.

September 27, 2021: Tech Exploration Lab Fall Kickoff Event

For campus innovators and students, an opportunity for organizations to gain visibility and meet potential teams.

November 18, 2021: Demo Night and Innovation and Technology Summit

For corporate innovators, an opportunity for learning and hands-on experience with new technologies.

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