About Us
Hyper Innovation is a corporate innovation consultancy that brings strategic insights, customer validation, and a systematic “kill fast, grow fast” process to pilot ideas with prospective technology partners and startups.

The results are more informed decision-making and de-risked investments in strategic partnerships, acquisitions, spinouts, and new product launches.

Flexible Expertise and Agile Teams
We have an expansive bench of top university talent, Silicon Valley veterans, seasoned strategists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers with extensive track records.

Access to variable capacity teams that can spin up and spin down depending upon need creates a new competitive advantage for companies needing organizational agility.

What Customers Have Said

"We were able to uncover new opportunities, vet our road map, and identify metrics for success to create breakthrough value."
Mike Zhang, VP Global Innovation, Lands’ End

“The connections have been tremendous in collaborating with other leaders from very different industries. There are unique opportunities for learning that I can’t get elsewhere.”
Dan Kaiser, SVP, Innovation and Development, CUNA Mutual Group

“We were able to develop and validate key concepts for a second generation product in six weeks with a nimble, diverse and talented team.”
Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert