A Plug-and-Play External Innovation Lab

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Take advantage of low-risk experimentation and co-development in an open innovation setting, work side-by-side with industry experts and university and startup innovators.

Tech Exploration Lab™ Benefits:

Early Exploration

Leverage turnkey frameworks for hosting early stage exploratory projects to crowdsource solutions, identify white space opportunities, and test technologies to create a pipeline of new opportunities.

Opportunity Validation and Curation

Validate and curate ideas, business models, PoCs and MVPs in pressure tests and customer validation projects.

Connections and Partnerships

Create connections with innovative startups and organizations for a pipeline of new collaborations across industries in workshops and Lab events.

Visibility to New Audiences

Companies can opt to have their work highlighted in quarterly briefs to the Hyper Innovation Industry Consortium members detailing insights from student and early stage exploration. Learn how to join the Consortium.

Take advantage of opportunities with technologies such as:
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Agriculture Tech
Digital Health Tech
Internet of Things
Resources within the Tech Exploration Lab:


University Talent



Strategic Consultants

Technical and Design Resources

Tools and Assets

Simulators and Real-World Test Beds

Data Sets

Cloud Infrastructure




Learning Labs and Lean Experiments


Tailored Accelerators

Contact us to learn how to identify new opportunities and develop tech talent.

Gain organizational agility and fresh energy working side-by-side with industry experts and university and startup innovators.


Develop new use cases and execute on business growth strategies.


Focus and accelerate early innovation and product development.

Digital Health Hackathon

Leverage a turnkey process for running challenges that communicates industry pain points to innovators.

Our unique, curated process works on your behalf to communicate your pain points to innovators to generate actionable solutions.

  • Identify and crowdsource promising ideas
  • Vet potential solutions
  • Gain visibility and engage with innovation ecosystems
Digital Health Lab - Technology Testing

Pressure test new solutions in simulated and real-world environments.

Gain access to test beds and leverage talent from universities and startups for low risk, iterative experimentation.

  • Troubleshoot developing technologies 
  • Refine offerings in small scale field tests
  • Validate desirability, feasibility, and usability while “testing in the wild”
  • Collaborate in test bed activities to cultivate future customers and partners

Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Engage with multi-disciplinary student teams working on problems and challenges you bring to the table.

The Tech Exploration Lab invites corporations and startups to bring their problems to solve to multi-disciplinary student teams for hands-on exploration.

  • Unique opportunities for brand visibility
  • Develop a pipeline of fresh talent
  • Sponsor exploratory opportunities for students
  • Specify projects and challenges

Develop proofs of concept and minimal viable products with unique methods for rapid test-and-learn.

Experiment rapidly with early stage ideas to pivot quickly to the most promising solutions.

  • Develop proofs of concept and minimal viable products
  • Conduct proof-of-principle validation
  • Use Lean experimentation to “kill fast, grow fast”

Omron healthcare innovation demo

Sponsor events and co-develop case studies with the Lab for visibility and thought leadership.

Gain access to new audiences by partnering with the Tech Exploration Lab for:

  • Co-authored case studies, white papers, and social content
  • In-person and virtual technology and innovation showcases
  • Special events and Demo Nights

Mentor and advise early stage innovators and startups.

The Tech Exploration Lab is a hub for university researchers and innovators and startups to develop early stage technologies.

  • Advise early stage ideas and collaborate on development
  • Participate in pressure testing solutions with unique methods for product and customer validation
  • Identify new opportunities

Learn more about our work in emerging technologies and how our Tech Exploration Lab services can bring value to you.

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