Hyper Innovation Tech Lab

Surface new opportunities and learn about applications for emerging tech with universities, startups, and tech experts
Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab

Low Risk Experimentation

Explore new ideas, "play in the sandbox" with new tech, and incubate new solutions.

Develop POCs to MVPs

Expand bandwidth by validating ideas and new business models and developing PoCs and MVPs with tech talent in the Lab.

Connections and Partnerships

Create connections with innovative startups and organizations to cross-pollinate and generate new collaborations.

Visibility to New Audiences

Take advantage of options for visibility to strengthen your organization's innovative brand.

Ways to Engage with the Hyper Innovation Tech Lab™


Surface new opportunities and explore new tech.

Reverse Pitches, Crowdsourcing and Hackathons

Co-develop with Tech Talent and Multi-Disciplinary University Teams

Sponsor Events for Brand-building and Thought Leadership


Develop new use cases and execute on business growth strategies.

Run Challenges

Engage Multi-Disciplinary University Teams

Sponsor Events for Visibility and Make New Connections


Bridge the gap between idea and commercialization.

Access Resources to Develop POCs and MVPs

Facilitated Product and Customer Validation


What's Happening in the Hyper Innovation Tech Lab™

  • Growing Virtual Reality Startup Harnesses Emerging Tech Trends in Collaboration with the Tech Exploration Lab
    Hyper Innovation, June 4, 2021
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Hyper Innovation Tech Lab™ Resources


University Talent



Strategic Consultants

Technical and Design Resources


Tools and Assets

Simulators and Real-World Test Beds

Data Sets

Cloud Infrastructure



Challenges and Reverse Pitches


Learning Labs and Lean Experiments


Tailored Accelerators

Experiment with Technologies Including:

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture Tech

Digital Health Tech



Internet of Things

The Hyper Innovation Tech Lab is an independent innovation lab that de-risks experimentation with emerging technologies and facilitates co-development to surface new opportunities and partnerships with universities, startups, and tech experts.

See a timeline for the Tech Exploration Lab  to see what we've been up to and schedule an exploratory conversation about how the Lab can benefit you.


Harness disruptive innovation to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Hyper Innovation bridges the gap between corporations and innovative tech solutions to drive growth and value.