Growing Virtual Reality Startup Harnesses Emerging Tech Trends in Collaboration with the Tech Exploration Lab

Holos is a fast-growing virtual reality startup who has discovered a new competitive advantage that allows them to define and explore new use cases for their emerging technology while engaging top tech talent.

That competitive advantage comes in the form of the Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab™. The Lab is a digital innovation lab designed to accelerate innovation through collaboration and co-innovation between startups, universities, and corporations. The Lab routinely offers reverse pitches, hackathons, sprints, and learning events. 

This spring, Holos brought their innovative virtual reality technology to the Lab and partnered with Hyper Innovation to define, source and manage an “externship program” with four campus innovators at UW-Madison. Unexpected use cases around the future of work in virtual environments created a fresh set of ideas for the company.

“The Lab expands our bandwidth and gives us a place for our fail-fast initiatives,” Tyler Waite, COO at Holos. “We also really like having new ways to explore new territory while engaging talent that we need to grow our business.”

Campus innovators ideated, built code, and demonstrated proofs of concepts to Holos and at the Lab’s bi-annual Showcase in April 2021. 

“It really was a great experience,” says Kyle Adler, a UW-Madison freshman in aeronautical engineering. “I was able to leverage my gaming interests and experience to bring new ideas to a really cool company. It really helped me grow my skills and learn about real-world applications for new tech.” 

“The end result was phenomenal,” says Sandra Bradley, Managing Director in the Tech Exploration Lab. “Holos was able to gain new insights on uses for their technology while moving first in line for some of the best future interns and employees for their organization.”

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