Four Major Challenges in Healthcare that Technology Can Solve

The future of healthcare is customer-centric and technology-driven. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are being adopted at rates not seen before as the “new normal” is for patients and providers to interact very differently. This shift means that systems, payers, and providers have to think very differently about the importance of management patient care and relationships.

Four Major Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers

According to a recent article by Forbes, healthcare providers face four major challenges in retaining and patient-provider relationships. 

  1. Patients are not brand loyal to their healthcare provider, favoring relationships, patient care/experience and convenience over brand.
  2. Patients are less engaged in their own healthcare, even opting out of visiting the doctor altogether, or leveraging socially distanced, telehealth options.
  3. The adoption of telehealth options has increased as consumers prefer low risk, easily accessible options
  4. Patients have turned to digital including wearable health trackers and social media for answers to their health related concerns. 

Innovating to address these challenges means adapting faster and more innovatively to meet shifting market needs for convenience, low cost, and high quality care. Many providers are not prepared to address legacy infrastructure that slows innovation and lack resources and agile methods that are essential to retain competitive advantage.

Healthcare resources, IT and otherwise, are often focused on keeping the current business up and running. Innovation and keeping a pulse on customer needs is critical for organizations to stay relevant and an agile process adopted to focus and prioritize innovation opportunities, provide ways to co-develop and pressure test new technologies, and allow for implementation of new technology solutions more efficiently.

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Lacie Schroeder