Great Design Thinking Work Session to Plan Fall Hyper Innovation Labs

Great team work session last week planning Fall Labs for the Future of Transportation and Mobility, Home-Healthcare Technology and Disruptive Tech Sandbox.

Thanks to Brad Chandler from UW-Madison for a great overview of blockchain opportunities and Joe Bashta, CEO of Axicor, for insights into next-generation prescriptive analytics.

Save the date for our Annual Executive Summit on November 15 when we converge thought leaders, executives, and startup gurus in a full day event for learning, networking, and unveiling insights from these Labs in Madison, WI. Contact to be notified when registration opens for this event.

Learn More About Hyper Innovation
See some of what corporate innovation with strategic insights and co-innovation looks like with Hyper Innovation in this short Highlight Reel. You will see things including:

    • Demos in our Future of Mobility Lab
    • Design Thinking workshops and learning events
    • Executive strategic sessions
    • Roadmapping for our Home-Healthcare Technology Lab
    • Unveiling of corporate problems being solved by startups
    • Bootcamps and workshops
    • Open work sessions for our Disruptive Tech Lab including the student incubator

Carrie Rhoads