Digital Health Simulator

A Low-risk Proving Ground for New Tech-Driven Solutions

Accelerate development and testing of new digital health solutions and de-risk innovation with a managed external Digital Health Simulator focused on what matters most to your organization.

You provide the environment and Hyper Innovation brings people, tools, and frameworks to accelerate strategically-driven technology innovation and build business cases.

Strategic Innovation and Execution

Identify and execute on the right opportunities to fuel growth.

Access Talent and Specialized Teams

Increase bandwidth to tackle new opportunities and develop new ideas.

Custom Development and Testing

Pressure test solutions with our frameworks and resources to prove out use cases.

Accelerate development and testing of new digital health solutions and de-risk innovation



Strategic Consultants

Clinical Panels

Data Scientists

Technical and Design Resources



Open-source EHR Test Bed

Technology Testing Protocols

Customer Validation




Lean Startup and Lean Innovation

Playbooks for Startup-Corporate Value Creation

Learning Labs

Strategic Focus Workshops

Leverage customizable, plug-and-play options in your specified test environment

Rapid validation with clinicians, patients, payers and end users

Simulated and real-world test frameworks for pressure testing new solutions and improving usability

Data-driven insights that translate from small-scale insights to validated implementations

Learn how Hyper Innovation can accelerate innovation for you and your organization

Harness disruptive innovation to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Hyper Innovation bridges the gap between corporations and innovative tech solutions to drive growth and value.