A Proving Ground for New Tech-Driven Solutions

Take advantage of a proving ground for the “testing in the wild” to more efficiently develop and test new solutions with turnkey technology, data and expert resources. 

De-risk innovation with specialized teams, data, and technology in the Digital Health Simulator:

Strategic Innovation

Identify and execute on the right opportunities based on your strategic parameters.

Data Exploration

Access our robust data sets for your own self-guided exploration.

Access Talent and Specialized Teams

Leverage our curated resources to get the most out of your data exploration.

Custom Development and Testing

Pressure test existing solutions in our simulated environments for actionable insights.

Leverage customizable, plug-and-play options designed to offer you:

Rapid validation with clinicians, patients, payers and systems.

Simulated and real-world test environments for pressure testing new solutions and improving usability.

Data-driven insights that translate from small-scale insights to full-scale tests.

Partner with the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Simulator to:

Access Our Existing Datasets and Test Beds

Access our robust data sets and existing cloud infrastructure and test beds for your own exploration.

Customize Test Beds Based on Your Needs

Pressure test new or existing solutions in environments based on your specifications to accelerate speed to market.

Create A Customized Test Environment

Accelerate development and testing of new digital health solutions.


University Talent

Strategic Consultants

Data Scientists

Clinical Resources

Technical and Design Resources


EHR Simulators

Cloud Infrastructure

Machine Learning


De-Identified Data Sets

Sourcing and Preparation of Data

Customized Use Cases

Take advantage of customizing a test bed to:

Curate a specialized execution team focused on your strategic goals.

Select from our de-identified data sets or bring your own your data.

Develop and test new digital solutions in simulated EHR environments if desired.

Create use cases and generate insights with machine learning and AI resources.

Learn more about our work in digital health innovation and the ways our Digital Health Simulator services can bring value to you.

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