Hyper Innovation Update and RSVP for January 25 Tech Lab event

Hyper Innovation - Madison, WI

What's coming in 2022. None of us are sure so the key is to remain resilient.

At Hyper Innovation, we've learned that companies we work with want new ways to execute on partnerships to drive growth, a continuous pipeline of innovation, and to de-risk experimentation with emerging tech.

Here are some highlights from the past year and things to look forward to in the coming year:

Hyper Innovation Tech Lab
The Lab is a sandbox for de-risking exploration of emerging tech and digital innovation and surfacing new opportunities and partnerships with universities, startups, and tech experts. Hyper Innovation has led the Lab for the past two years with successful reverse pitches, hackathons, and support for innovators looking to commercialize ideas.

Learn more about the Lab and RSVP for the free, virtual Tech Lab Update event on January 25 to hear what the Lab has been up to and give input on 2022 direction. See below for highlights from this past year:

  • Spring 2021 Tech Lab Showcase
    The Showcase included presentations by multi-disciplinary students working with a leading startup to define new applications for cutting-edge VR technology, industry experts from companies including BD Diagnostics and Molson-Coors, and progress updates from digital health entrepreneurs.
    See Highlights from the Spring 2021 Showcase
  • Summer 2021 Digital Health Challenge
    Students from across UW-Madison, representing engineering, CS, business, biology, and other majors competed for prizes to propose digital health solutions for key challenges in lowering cost of care and improving patient outcomes
    See the Winners of the Summer 2021 Digital Health Challenge
  • Fall 2021 Remote Patient Monitoring Sandbox
    Multi-disciplinary student teams are gaining hands-on experience by working with a leading RPM company to identify user experience improvements and out-of-the box ideas for growing the platform.
    We will showcase highlights of insights during the free, virtual Tech Lab Update event on January 25.
  • Spring 2022 Hyper Innovation Work Groups
    This spring, Hyper Innovation is launching highly targeted, facilitated Work Groups defined by participants to explore new partnerships and solutions. Typical groups are made up of 3-4 companies with shared interests who define learning goals and shared exploratory projects with tangible outcomes.
    Learn more about Hyper Innovation Work Groups

Digital Health Innovation
Hyper Innovation's biggest stories are in digital health innovation and our consulting, Learning Labs, Tailored Accelerators, and pilots with companies including MATTER Health, Roche Diabetes, OMRON Healthcare, Cigna, and WEA Trust.

We work in many industries but have deep expertise in digital health innovation. In 2022, we drove value by launching Digital Health Learning Labs to focus and execute on innovation, rapid test and learn experiments to vet new ideas, and playbooks to execute on startup-corporate partnerships to drive rapid growth.

Our focus is on external innovation to inform better decision-making on partnerships and investments.

Highlights include:

  • Standing up and leading an ongoing Digital Health Learning Lab focused on in-home healthcare innovation and remote patient monitoring.
  • Launching Tailored Accelerators to vet and validate prospective startups and tech partners and inform build/buy/lease decisions
  • Creating Playbooks to define more value out of startup-corporate engagement and identifying when and how to pilot
  • Establishing test beds for startups to test and develop in an AI sandbox and simulated EMR environment

If you are interested in case studies or learning about ways Hyper Innovation can bring value to your organization, contact sandra@hyperinnovation.com

We are looking forward to a great (or at least better) 2022!

Carrie Rhoads