Announcing The Tech Exploration Lab Student Programs!

Spring 2021 Opportunities are Live!

We are calling upon innovative students from all majors to participate in our Spring 2021 student programs! The Tech Exploration Lab (TEL) is excited to announce various programs to both undergraduate and graduate students to work on industry projects with opportunities for hands-on experience, resume development and creation of industry connections.

Two Ways to Engage

Student Internship Program

The first pathway is the Student Internship Program invites students to participate in an internship position that provides opportunities for students to apply their classroom learnings to sponsored project opportunities for hands-on learning, resume experience, and small stipends for work completed. Student interns will work along industry professionals and fellow students to explore new applications for emerging technologies, or develop new use cases for existing technologies. The opportunities under this pathway include the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Test Bed Mini Challenge and the Holos Virtual Reality User Interface Project. 

Tech Exploration Program

The second pathway, the Tech Exploration Program, caters towards students interested in exploring their own ideas and are encourage to join the Tech Exploration Lab Student Cohort for Spring 2021, where where they will have access to industry mentors, technical and data resources, and a “neutral space” for exploration and full control of their IP. The opportunity for this pathway is the Personal / Team-Based Projects for Exploration. 

Hyper Innovation Digital Health Test Bed Mini Challenge

Hyper Innovation, a Madison based innovation agency, invites students interested in exploring use cases for de-identified data and digital health technologies to participate in the Mini Challenge this semester. Participating students will gain knowledge on healthcare AI, existing solutions, and up and coming technologies. Students will have access to healthcare industry providers and experts to guide their exploration. There will be an opportunity for students to showcase their insights at the end of the semester.

Holos Virtual Reality User Interface Project.

Holos, a Madison-based spatial computing startup, is looking for students who would like to explore novel user interfaces in virtual and augmented reality that are centered around the hands. Students would present their ideas, and, ideally, implementations of new VR/AR user interface elements at the end of the semester. Students can expect to gain hands-on experience and connections within the VR/AR industry, and will get to leave the experience with a solid understanding of the market, the technologies, and the design approaches that we use every day at Holos.

Personal / Team-Based Projects for Exploration

Students interested in pursuing their own interests, building a team around an existing idea, or learning more about the applications of an existing technology can DIY their experience with the TEL. Mentors and resources will be available to assist in the hands on learning, and growth and development of existing ideas looking to expand. Student teams will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the end of the semester.

Disclaimer: All work done in the Tech Exploration Lab will be 100% virtual this semester.

Want to Learn Even More?

Register for the Spring 2021 Student Info Session on February 1st! Come learn more about the Tech Exploration Lab, a digital playspace for exploring and experimenting with new tech. All majors are welcome.

Brooke Strain