Experiment and Explore with the Tech Exploration Lab Spring 2021 Student Cohort

“We were able to surface new opportunities and concept a 2.0 version of a product in an incredibly short time frame with a nimble, diverse team of multi-disciplinary students.” Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert

Tech Exploration Lab™ Student Program

Companies looking to explore and identify innovative uses for emerging technologies have a new opportunity in January 2021 with the Tech Exploration Lab™ Student Program.

The Tech Exploration Lab™ (TEL) is a digital playspace focused on addressing corporate/startup driven problems to solve by engaging multidisciplinary student innovation for shared learning, hands-on experience, and resume development.

For Spring 2021, the TEL is proud to offer students opportunities for experimentation and exploration in two sponsored projects: Digital Health and Virtual Reality, as well as the chance to collaborate on their own ideas in a “neutral space for exploration.”

Hyper Innovation is an innovation agency that bridges the gap between complex, real-world problems to solve and innovative, executable solutions to drive growth and value. Hyper Innovation is proud to sponsor the opportunity in Digital Health through our very own Digital Health Test Bed™. The Digital Health Test Bed™ is a proving ground for more efficiently developing and testing new solutions with unique technology, data, and expert resources. Students can expect to develop predictive models with de-identified data sets, or take part in a real-world remote patient monitoring experiment in a stand-alone EMR environment to understand how data insights can be used to facilitate decisions by clinicians to better manage patient care.

Holos, an AR/VR startup in the Madison area, is sponsoring the Virtual Reality opportunity. “We’ve had interns with us in the past, but more likely than not, they do not have any experience with the hardware, libraries, and paradigms that we work with before joining us,” says Tyler Waite, Co-Founder and COO of Holos. “Being able to give students exposure to these technologies before an internship with us is an incredibly valuable for us because it allows us to vet talent and it enables potential candidates to dive right in and have an immediate impact when they join Holos as an intern, and, ideally, a future employee.”

Companies interested in taking part in hackathons, providing a challenge or technology to explore, new product to test, or project for students to work on in the Hub can contact info@hyperinnovation.com.

The Formation of the TEL Student Program

In a year of unexpected challenges and changes, Hyper Innovation has continued to push forward in our work offering students a collaborative space for innovation and exploration. Our work in 2020 began with the Emerging Tech Hub (ETH) and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), and quickly pivoted to an all-virtual engagement in Spring 2020.

With the continued closure of the WID to the public, and students remaining virtual for Spring 2021, Hyper Innovation decided to launch our own student program for Spring 2021. Hyper Innovation is not affiliated with the University of Wisconsin, and so all work done by students in the TEL on sponsored projects will be fairly compensated as a form of “externship.” Students exploring their own ideas will maintain full control of their IP.

We look forward to seeing where this new chapter in our student engagement takes us, and invite you along for the exploration.

Opportunities to Mentor Innovative Students

Serve as an industry advisor to students participating in the Spring 2021 Tech Exploration Lab Student Cohort. Take part in opportunities for shared learning around emerging technology exploration and experimentation with new use cases for existing technologies.

Explore opportunities with us.

Explosive innovation to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that bridges the gap between
complex, real-world problems to solve and innovative, executable solutions to drive
growth and value.

Lacie Schroeder