COVID-19, the Future of Healthcare and the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Lab

Digital Health Hackathon

With the current turbulence and certain change coming to healthcare, we invite you to join our effort to mobilize the technology ecosystem around solutions that can define what the Future of Healthcare will be.

COVID-19 has changed our world for the long-haul and we need to be prepared for new ways of living and working.

The Hyper Innovation Digital Health Lab is well positioned to tap new talent and ideas by leveraging our network of entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, designers, university talent, and industry experts to facilitate technology-driven solutions to front-line challenges affecting our populations.

The Digital Health Lab offers the opportunity for systems, payers, and clinics to rapidly test products, work on proprietary projects or to create customized versions of the Lab to accelerate Digital Health initiatives focused on specific challenges.  Some options include:

  • Strategic vetting and validating of partnerships, technologies and new market opportunities
  • De-risking R&D and exploring and experimenting with cutting-edge technologies by executing in a neutral “external lab” setting with external resources
  • Developing POCs and MVPs and running pilots faster
  • Testing products and services in a rapid experimentation framework
  • Keeping an eye on the horizon of rapidly changing technologies in healthcare with an annual membership in the Member Network (with focus on digital health in partnership with the Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

We see this as a way to surface new opportunities, more rapidly define partnerships and identify new solutions that create more accessible and lower cost care while improving patient outcomes.

Learn more about the Digital Health Lab or contact to discuss how to participate in this effort.

Carrie Rhoads