Digital Health Hackathon


COVID-19 has changed our world for the long-haul and systems, payers, clinics, and other organizations must move faster to be prepared for what the Future of Healthcare will be.

The Digital Health Lab is a collaborative initiative designed to surface new opportunities, more rapidly define partnerships and identify new solutions that create more accessible and lower cost care while improving patient outcomes.

The Lab offers the opportunity for companies to rapidly test products, work on proprietary projects or to create customized versions of the Lab to accelerate Digital Health initiatives focused on specific challenges.

Some options include:

  • Strategic vetting and validating of partnerships, technologies and new market opportunities
  • Incubating new business models and ideas
  • De-risking R&D and exploring and experimenting with cutting-edge technologies by executing in a neutral “external lab” setting
  • Developing POCs and MVPs and running pilots faster
  • Testing products and services in a rapid experimentation framework
  • Keeping an eye on the horizon of rapidly changing technologies in healthcare

Hyper Innovation Labs: Digital Health

Digital Health Lab - Technology Testing

De-risk R&D and Rapidly Test New Solutions

  • Access to an AI and predictive analytics simulator sandbox with EMR emulation for rapid testing and iteration
  • Real-world test beds and clinics for testing with clinical staff and patients
  • Systematic "kill fast, grow fast" processes
  • Access to variable capacity resources from subject matter experts, university talent, and technology partners.
  • Neutrality of a third-party Lab environment
Digital Health Lab

Explore and Experiment with Emerging Technologies

  • Propose challenges and problems to solve and develop POCs and MVPs
  • Access unique sandboxes and data sets
  • Take advantage of shared learning
  • Benefit from our Trendspotter's Forum and quarterly report-outs from the Lab
  • Accelerate path to pilots faster
Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

More Effectively Collaborate with Startups, Universities, and Other Companies

  • Leverage a third-party resource for turnkey access to surface new opportunities, identify strategic partnerships and manage external resources
  • Identify new competitive advantage and mutual wins
  • Take advantage of the neutrality of a third-party Lab

Health Tech Innovation at Speed and Scale

The Lab is focused on identifying real-world applications for health tech solutions, exploring and experimenting with novel technologies in healthcare, de-risking R&D for industry partners, and providing opportunities for collaboration with startups, universities, and other companies. Current challenges and projects include:

  • Tracking COVID-19 through remote monitoring and developing predictive and prescriptive models for addressing resource scarcity and demand
  • RPM in a simulated AI predictive analytics platform to rapidly test and iterate to understand physician acceptability of data and insights for monitoring chronic conditions
  • 3D scanning of home environments to understand the impact of environment on health and behavior
  • Injury risk reduction and performance optimization
  • AR and location-based services to enhance customer / patient experience
  • Opportunities to improve access to mental health resources using VR
  • Exploring the potential for wearables in non-medicinal pain relief and chronic condition monitoring

About The Digital Health Lab

The Digital Health Lab is a collaborative initiative led by technology and healthcare innovators.

Digital Health Lab

Hyper Innovation

Hyper Innovation (HI) is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency focused on Digital Health. HI provides services that create new competitive advantage for global brands through strategic identification and prioritization of new opportunities, speed to market with methods to quickly identify applications for emerging tech, and ways to inform build/buy/partner decisions.

Digital Health Council

Digital Health Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for the Digital Health Lab is comprised of diverse representation from systems, payers, technology, clinical, and university research. Some physicians and researchers are available as "Experts-on-demand" for consulting on specific initiatives.

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Contact to learn about opportunities for shared learnings in the Lab or to define a pilot, project, or customized version of the Digital Health Lab based on your organization's challenges and strategic priorities.

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