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Calling all innovative students!

The Tech Exploration Lab (TEL) is proud to introduce our Spring 2021 Student Program designed to offer undergrad and graduate students from all majors the opportunity to work on industry projects with opportunities for hands-on experience, resume development and creating industry connections.


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Tech Industry Program

Students are invited to participate in the Tech Exploration Lab Student Tech Industry Program for Spring 2021. There are opportunities for students to apply their classroom learnings to sponsored project opportunities for hands-on learning, resume experience, and small stipends for work completed. Student interns will work alongside industry professionals and fellow students to explore new applications for emerging technologies, or develop new use cases for existing technologies.

Tech Exploration Program

Students interested in exploring their own ideas are encouraged to join the Tech Exploration Lab Student Cohort for Spring 2021 where they will have access to industry mentors, technical and data resources, and a “neutral space” for exploration and full control of their IP.

Disclaimer: All work done in the Tech Exploration Lab will be 100% virtual this semester.

Hyper Innovation Health Tech Innovation Challenge

Hyper Innovation, a Madison based innovation agency, invites students interested in exploring use cases for de-identified data and digital health technologies to participate in the Mini Challenge this semester.

Participating students will gain knowledge on healthcare AI, existing solutions, and up and coming technologies. Students will have access to healthcare industry providers and experts to guide their exploration. There will be an opportunity for students to showcase their insights at the end of the semester.


Holos Virtual Reality User Interface Project

Holos is a Madison-based VR/AR startup founded by two UW-Madison alumni. They are a Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) content management system that makes it super easy for you to create and deploy hands-on learning experiences with a background in education, military training, and space training.

The primary objectives of this opportunity are to create distinctive and beneficial solutions using virtual reality. Participants (individuals or teams) will explore novel user interfaces in virtual and augmented reality that are centered around the hands with guidance and expertise from the Holos team.

Students’ project deliverables will consist of a blog post that will either include sketches of proposed user flows and interface elements can be done in a notebook and transferred to the blog post or an interactive prototype of the proposed solution/experiment.

Students can expect to gain hands-on experience and connections within the VR/AR industry, and will get to leave the experience with a solid understanding of the market, the technologies, and the design approaches that we use every day at Holos.


'Choose Your Own Adventure' Program

Students interested in pursuing their own interests, building a team around an existing idea, or learning more about the applications of an existing technology can DIY their experience with the TEL.

Mentors and resources will be available to assist in the hands on learning, and growth and development of existing ideas looking to expand.

Student teams will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the end of the semester.


The Spring 2021 Student Program Calendar

Throughout the semester, make sure to check in and see what other events we may add including learning events, hack-a-thons, mini competitions (team or individual), challenges, and industry projects. Send an email to to subscribe to our announcements.

Disclaimer: All work done in the Tech Exploration Lab will be 100% virtual this semester.

February 1 6:00 - 7:30 PM Student Info Session

Come to this open info session to learn more about the Tech Exploration Lab Spring 2021 Program.Everyone is welcome. No experience required. We will talk about opportunities for hands-on learning, participation in challenges, projects, and resources to either work on industry sponsored projects or pursue your own interests.Students will be asked to fill out an application form to be considered for different positions in the Internship Program or Exploration Cohort. Selected students will be invited to participate in a Kick Off meeting the following week.REGISTER HERE

February 4 12:00 PM Applications are due!

Final decisions on applications and invitations to continue participation will be made by February 6th. Students invited to continue will receive the zoom connection information for the Kick Off on February 8th.

February 8 6:00 - 7:30 PM Student Kick Off
Invitation Only

Come to this session with your ideas to discuss. We will also cover frameworks, expectations, and goals for the end of the semester. Students will be introduced to the project leaders, industry mentors and Lab staff.Students invited to participate in the TEL Student Program will be sent the connection information.

February 9 - March 14 Scheduled Independently Independent Work Sessions

Students will be encouraged to connect in virtual office hours for consultation with project leaders and industry mentors. These weeks will be spent in project development, design, and ideation, based on project objectives students define with their mentors.

March 15 6:00 - 7:30 PM Mid-Point Checkin and Troubleshooting

This session will be an opportunity for peer feedback and working through issues or areas of concern. Mentors will be present to give feedback on project progress and assist in strategy development for the remainder of the semester.

March 16 - April 18
Scheduled Independently Idependent Work Sessions

Students will be encouraged to connect in virtual office hours for consultation with project leaders and industry mentors. These weeks will be spent in project ideation, and prototyping based on project objectives students define with their mentors.

April 19 6:00 - 7:30 PM Internal Presentations

One-to-one presentations to industry partners and project sponsors via virtual platform. May also host a small session for teams to present to each other.

April 22 4:00 - 6:00 PM
By Invitation Spring Innovation and Tech Showcase

Teams have the option to participate in a virtual showcase event for industry and thought leaders, corporate and startup innovators, and university faculty and staff.

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