A unique, hybrid approach bringing the best of strategic consulting, startup collaboration, and innovation methods.

Workshops and strategic sessions to prioritize challenges and opportunities.

Pilots and rapid test-and-learn-experiments to execute on innovation.

Recommendations and insights to define strategic direction


Workshops and Strategic Sessions

  • Leverage and re-engineer Design Thinking to prioritize opportunities, challenges, and ideas to identify most pressing customer problems for your organization to solve
  • Develop a process for identifying best prospects and technologies and managing a continuous pipeline of opportunity
  • Make rapid go, no-go decisions based on customized strategic and customer-centric criteria we develop with your organization
  • Adopt a scalable, repeatable method with rationale for validating ideas, prospective partners, and technologies

Pilots and Experimentation

  • Take advantage of a neutral perspective to speed startup-corporate collaboration and run pilots based on potential solution fit to problems to solve and generate insights and tangible outcomes
  • Leverage Lean Startup to run rapid test and learn experiments to vet ideas, proofs of concepts, potential partners or startups to validate strategic value
  • Quickly make pivot/persevere/iterate decisions to focus on best prospects
  • Tap turnkey external resources to accelerate testing, develop proofs of concepts, and design/build out MVPs

Digital Health Lab - Technology Testing

Recommendations and Insights

  • Adopt a process for leveraging rationale and data to generate insights and form strategic outlook
  • Make more informed decisions about:
    • Launching new partnerships
    • Adopting new technologies
    • Spinning out new products and companies
    • Build/buy/lease options
    • Strategic growth strategy
Omron healthcare innovation demo

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