Co-Innovation Surfaces New Opportunities and Accelerates Innovation


“We were able to develop and validate key concepts for a second generation product in six weeks with a nimble, diverse and talented team.”
Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert

Companies need new ways to harness disruptive technologies.  Our innovation-as-a-service model is designed to offer scalable, repeatable processes for addressing disruption that can be spun up or down depending upon need, technological advancement, or unexpected competitive threat. Our unique approach focuses on execution of innovation:

  • Strategic insights and unique co-innovation methodologies focused on tangible outcomes
  • Access to real-world test beds
  • Neutral territory for innovating with universities and startups
  • Disruptive technology trends and thought leadership in the form of research and learning sessions
  • Access to a wide bench of execution resources for design sprints, rapid testing and learning, and development
  • Engagement strategies including hackathons, jam sessions, learning events and forums

Outcomes can be diverse: advancing a new idea or product, exploring new business models, establishing new partnerships, developing collaborative use cases,  activating startup-corporate collaboration and validation, and co-developing decision briefs are examples.

We bring strategic direction, activation of innovation ecosystems and Design Sprint and Lean Startup execution to get things done. Here are some ways we apply the innovation-as-a-service agency model in our Co-Innovation Initiatives:

Disruptive Technology Sandbox

Disruptive Tech Lab

Bring your business challenge or idea to a "third-space" for insights, rapid advancement, and unique engagement with university and startup talent.

The Disruptive Tech Sandbox is designed for companies to work closely with a vetted, highly qualified multi-disciplinary university intern team or startup around specific challenges, to explore a new business model, ideate a new product or service, or develop proofs of concept or MVP.

We partner with universities on this unique program that is intentionally privately run to provide a neutral territory for a free-flow of ideas and outcomes.

How it works: Companies pitch ideas and problems to solve to a curated group of university talent, startups, and subject-matter experts. Just-in-Time teams are built to ensure highly relevant skillsets. Six-week sprint frameworks, facilitation, and mentors are provided to guarantee high value outcomes.

Themes for 2019 revolve around Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and other disruptive technologies.

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Connected Home Health

Home-Healthcare Innovation Lab

Opportunities for validating ideas and testing in real-world test beds, identifying new business models, and building new products and companies.

The U.S. healthcare system, with its brick and mortar, provider-centric business model where doctors dispense face-to-face care during scheduled appointments, is ripe for digital disruption. Although many factors have insulated health care for years, change is coming.

Platforms, networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence have enormous potential to solve problems that have plagued the industry for decades. Leveraging technology to create safer environments with immediate care offers great opportunities for enhancing quality of care while reducing insurer costs.

Our Connected Home Health Initiative is housed in a unique facility with a home environment that is fully healthcare-integrated for a rapid test-and-learn environment for validating ideas, developing new products and companies, and accelerating speed-to-market in Connected Home environments.

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Future of Transportation and Mobility: Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared (ACES)

Future of Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared Mobility Lab

Rapid test-and-learn Lab with opportunities for gathering data in real-world test beds, testing technology, and identifying commercialization opportunities.

Big changes are happening in the automotive industry caused by innovation in technology, ubiquitous connectivity, growing global population, environmental concerns and the influence of Millennials. These trends are impacting how cities manage transportation networks, how parking is evolving and what consumers expect in terms of mobility.

We partner with the University of Wisconsin - Madison Traffic Operations and Safety Lab (TOPS), Wisconsin AV Proving Grounds and corporate partners to develop data strategies, test new technology, and facilitate rapid learning in this fast-changing space.

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