A unique learning community for

emerging technology.

Engage with like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders to identify real-world applications for emerging technologies in an open innovation ecosystem.

Industry Consortium Member Benefits

Shared Learning

Learn from insights and exploration in the Tech Exploration Lab and other consortium members. Also, same-company members benefit by creating a shared language and strategic alignment across the enterprise.

Thought Leadership

Benefit from perspectives and trends shared by industry experts to help solve your problems, spark new opportunities, and validate ideas quickly.


Take advantage from cross-pollination across industries in a curated ecosystem of leading corporations, startups, and organizations to identify new collaborations.

Staying on the Forefront

Receive quarterly briefs detailing insights and findings from student and early-stage exploration uniquely fostered in the Lab. Participate to bi-yearly Webinar Spotlights where we expand on the briefs’ content in rich discussions and Q&A.

Exposure to New Talent

Identify needed skill sets and develop a talent strategy for your organization.

Industry Consortium Membership Levels

We offer high-impact engagement opportunities to fit your business needs.


Innovators and entrepreneurs of early-stage ideas are welcome to join as an Innovator Member to receive access to networking, scheduled forums and events, and bi-annual reports.


Established startups are encouraged to join as a Startup Member where they can take advantage of visibility opportunities in addition to the Professional Membership benefits.

We offer special pricing for early stage startups.


Our three Business Levels are appropriate for most businesses, not-for-profit and other institutions and their managers and directors who lead R&D, innovation, digital strategy, or business development. 

Available to all employees from the same company.

Contact us for annual membership pricing and more details: info@hyperinnovation.com

What’s being said about the Industry Consortium:

“Our goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem for shared learning to accelerate cross-industry innovation in a community of disruptive startups, leading corporations, and world-class universities.”

Sandra Bradley, CEO, Hyper Innovation

“The connections have been tremendous in collaborating with other corporates from very different industries. There are unique opportunities for learning that I can’t get elsewhere.”

Dan Kaiser, SVP, CUNA Mutual Group

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