Calling undergraduate and graduate students from ALL MAJORS!

Who are looking for hands-on experience with new digital health technologies and opportunities to build skills, make industry connections, connect to other students with similar interests, and explore use cases in health tech.

Hyper Innovation Digital Health Test Bed Mini Challenge

The Hyper Innovation Technology Exploration Lab is a digital playspace focused on addressing corporate/startup driven industry problems to solve engaging multidisciplinary student innovation for shared learning, hands-on experience, and resume development.

Students who work on projects related to the Digital Health Test Bed are invited to join the Digital Health Cohort for additional opportunities for exploration and industry connections

Options for individual and team exploration in digital health include:

AI and Predictive Analytics

“Play in the Sandbox” with AI and injury risk and performance data. Develop predictive models and report out what you have learned to an industry audience at the April 22 Showcase

Healthcare Data and Insights

Take part in a real-world remote patient monitoring experiment in a stand-alone EMR environment to understand how data insights can be used to facilitate decisions by clinicians to better manage patient care. Report out what you have learned to an industry audience at the April 22 Showcase.

Suggest Your Own Idea

You may be interested in creating and developing your own idea. We can provide de-identified healthcare datasets, predictive analytics platforms, and mentors to support your effort.

Forging Connections:

Students will be connected to staff and other students in the Hyper Innovation Digital Health Test Bed and may have the opportunity to be mentored by individuals from organizations including AHIMA (American Healthcare Information Management Association), Wisconsin Hospital Association, Talus Solutions, Axicor, Pythonic AI, Hyper Innovation, Talus Solutions, WEA Trust, Omron, UW Health, and the UW School of Medicine.

On April 22 students in Digital Health Cohort can participate in the Spring Innovation and Technology Showcase! Come to this event to learn how the Hyper Innovation Tech Exploration Lab enables university collaboration around applications for emerging tech such as AI, IoT, AR and VR, and how these applications are applied to digital health and virtual learning and training.

The Showcase is a great opportunity to share what you’ve learned, sharpen your presentation skills, and have skills and experience to add to your resume.

Interested? Here’s what to do next:

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