Learn. Execute. Grow.

We have a unique process for executing customized innovation programs and tailored corporate accelerator programs with speed and scale to develop a cadence of innovation in the enterprise and launch new products, companies, and business models.

An Innovation-as-a-Service model means we bring it all together and flex to adapt to what is needed to solve the innovation problem at hand and we move fast. We curate the right resources which can be tech entrepreneurs, thought leaders, executives with extensive track records, consultants with diverse perspectives, students, agile design/dev teams, platform providers and others. All with proven track records. Some examples of things you can do with us include:

Building Culture and Learning

  • Take part in a half-day executive session to raise awareness of disruptive threats and identify high potential opportunities
  • Co-create an innovative custom curriculum around our executive session, workshop and boot camp topics or specify your own
  • Assign mentors and coaches in unique learning modes to create custom learning while working on projects that achieve company goals
  • Facilitate interactive brainstorming sessions, executive briefings from faculty and experts in the field, one-to-one coaching opportunities for executives and team training

Rapid Test and Learn

  • Explore out-of-the-box ideas while developing talent or define an internal Lab program to run inside your organization
  • Build out POCs and MVPs in data and analytics, Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and other technologies
  • Construct high-impact, get-things-done activities in the form of workshops, boot camps, jam sessions, and hackathons. These events can be held at creative offsite locations or can be run onsite as high impact, targeted team activities
  • Source startups and talent to work on specific ideas or challenges to validate ideas, develop use cases and potentially develop a partnership toolkit

Grow and Transform

  • Launch a tailored accelerator program based on your parameters and validate startups to identify best ideas
  • Develop repeatable methods for co-innovation with startups, entrepreneurs, customers and partners resulting in strategic partnerships, licensing deals and equity splits
  • Develop an innovation road map and deliver the people, tools, and resources needed to execute on it
  • Provide scalable, repeatable processes and teams for galvanizing innovation inside and outside the enterprise

Contact us to learn more about innovation-as-a-service and define a customized program based on your needs.